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Physical & Massage Therapy

We are a group of physical therapists and massage therapists licensed to provide services to the public. Our motto, "Hands on Health" was selected because we believe that the provision of preventative, restorative aor palliative care is best effected by the skillful use of the hands of a trained professional. Our services are provided in a comfortable suite within the Worcester Business Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Swedish Massage

The most familiar form of full body massage involving long full strokes with kneading of the muscels and light friction. The goal of this type of massage is Relaxation.

Deep tissue massage

Concentrated deep work using thumbs, hands, forearms, and elboes to loosen fascia and connective tissue of muscles and their attachments. Trigger points and muscle knots are relieved with this form of massage.

Reiki massage

Reiki is a simple yet profound system of hands on healing that transcends cultural, political and religious boundaries. Reiki can have an intense effect on health and well-being by balancing, cleansing and renewing a person's internal enery system.

Sports massage

Designed for athletes before, during and after as a part of training regimen to enhance performance and endurance, reduce the risk of injury and lessen soreness.

Our location

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Contact Details


67 Millbrook Street
Worcester, MA 01606

Second Floor Center

tel: 508-792-9955
fax: 508-792-9943
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Massage reduces the effects of stress

When Massage Therapy activates your parasympathetic nervous system, it counteracts your body's negative response to stress, relaxing muscle tension and allowing your heart rate, blood pressure and circulation to returns to normal.


Massage relaxes muscle tension

Massage Therapy stretches and loosens tight muscles, and connective tissue, breaking down and preventing further formation of adhesions, freeing your range of motion.

Massage increases blood circulation

Massage Therapy releases contracted muscles and pushes venous blood towards the heart, thus easing the strain on the vital organ. The increase in circulation brings energy producing nutrients and oxygen to your cells as well as carries away metabolic waste products.

Massage decreases chronic pain

The trained touch of a Massage Therapist can activate nerve receptor signals to temporarily block chronic pain signals from reaching the brain. It can also stimulate the release of endorphins (the body's natural painkiller).

Massage strengthens the immune system

Massage increases the circulation of the lymph in your lymphatic system thus helping your body to fight off infection and speed your recovery from injuries and illness.

Massage helps you sleep better

Massage Therapy relaxes tense muscles and calms down the nervous system, causing your body's rhythm to slow down, priming your for a perfect night's sleep.

Massage improves skin tone

Massage Therapy dilates the blood capillaries of the skin increasing the uptake of vital skin repairing nutrients and speeding the removal of harmful toxins.

Meet the Therapist Therapist Credentials

Eugene R. Lambert

Physical Therapist

  • Licensed physical therapist - MA & NY
  • Licensed Message Therapist - Worcester, MA
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner
  • BA - New York University
  • MA - New York University
  • Certificate in Physical Therapy - New York University
  • Certificate in Massage Therapy - Bancroft School of Massage Therapy
  • PhD candidacy - Health Policy and Management - University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Former owner of Physical Therapy Associates, P.C. (now Select Medical)


Our friendly and professional Physical Therapists are experts in human movement, functional activity, recreation and leisure sports as well as activities of daily living.


Individually designed programs are planned by the Physical Therapist to maximize results, We work closely with your primary care physician or specialist in order to achieve complimentary goals.


Our specialities include : General Orthopedics; Neurological interventions; Injury prevention; Workers' compensation injuries; Massage therapy; Motor vehicle and Personal injuries; and activities of Daily Living.


We accept most insurance plans including but not limited to: Medicare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, MassHealth, Workers Compensation, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Motor vehicle Carriers and many more.